Potters Bar MOT Testing

MOT Testing in Potters Bar

JJ Autos are specialists and an official MOT Test Centre in Potters Bar. We are authorised by DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) to provide MOT testing for vehicles of class 1,2 and 4. We are authorised to perform an MOT check on all cars and motorcycles.

Discount MOT Test Potters Bar

To Book an MOT Test with JJ Autos, Potters Bar

Contact us to book an MOT test at our Potters Bar MOT Test Centre – we will always do all that we can to offer an MOT test while you wait.

Whether your vehicle passes or fails the MOT test, we will also inform you of any other items that we consider to be in need of attention. It may just be advice about keeping an eye on certain items like tyres that will need replacement due to tread running low, or identifying brake pads that are wearing thin. We will endeavour to advise you purely as a precautionary measure because at JJ Autos we pride ourselves on being conscientious and always considering the safety of our customers first.


MOT Test – Pass

  • If the vehicle passes the MOT test you are then issued a VT20, commonly known as an MOT Test Pass Certificate and your vehicle is considered to have met the minimum safety and environmental standards.
  • An ‘MOT Pass’ means that at the time of testing your vehicle was considered legal to drive on the road in the eyes of the law.
  • It is important to remember that an MOT test does not guarantee the general mechanical condition of the vehicle.
  • At JJ Autos we always recommend that you perform regular checks and servicing on your vehicle to maintain the integrity of the vehicle to ensure that you are not putting the safety of yourself and others at risk. Click here for our Vehicle Servicing in Potters Bar
  • In the interests of our customers safety we will always endeavour to highlight any items that may potentially need repair or require replacement in the near future.

MOT Test -Failure

  • An MOT failure means that there are some servicing, car repairs or replacement parts needed to bring the vehicle up to the required safety standards.
  • Our MOT Tester will talk you through the problems identified during the series of MOT checks.
  • At JJ Autos we can repair or service your car for you, or alternatively we can issue you with a VT30 (MOT failure) so you can go and have the work done elsewhere.
  • Whatever you decide, we will allow you to have an MOT re-test for free within 10 working days of the MOT failure.
  • It is of course important to note that if your vehicle does not have a valid MOT certificate your insurance may be invalidated.

Our Repair & MOT Re-test Service

We will always offer a free estimate for any parts and labour required to make your vehicle road worthy and legal to drive. Whether you decide to have the repairs done at JJ Autos, or go elsewhere is up to you. We will of course be more than happy to do the necessary repairs for you if that is your preference.

  • On your instruction our mechanics will complete the necessary repairs.
  • Your vehicle will then be returned to our MOT Tester to complete the re-test for you.
  • Once the modifications have been made and your vehicle has achieved an MOT pass certificate, we will of course contact you to arrange collecting your vehicle.

If you need assistance please feel free to ask one of our MOT Testers or mechanics for guidance.